The beauty of forgotten things…

There is a special place within the soul for the beauty of forgotten things… where compassion remains, mercy does not wane, and sentiment lingers between nostalgia and love.

tiny-black-scroll inverted

These images arose out of my imagination, upon seeing a dried-up potted plant sitting on a neighbor’s porch—mournfully dead after many months of neglect. Unfortunately, the homeowner had no idea as to the species of plant; it was there when she bought the house, over a year prior, and she’d had no interest in tending to it.

Nevertheless, this unkept thing beckoned for attention, even in its forlorn state. There was something  fetching in the way the light fell on its dried blossoms and brittle stems—contrasted by the backdrop of a newly painted porch and ornate iron railing. Bleak condition notwithstanding, I found the plant beautiful, even graceful, in a sad, poignant kind of way. There was a sincerity beneath the sadness that I found quite endearing, much in the way of an aged, forgotten film star or dilapidated old theatre long past its heyday. There is meaning and allure in the nostalgia of such things. I anthropomorphized the plant as female, and wondered what ‘she’ might have looked like once upon a time, presumably well taken care of and in her glory. Knowing her eventual fate lay at the bottom of a garbage bin, I decided she deserved her glory once more…as do many such forgotten things. I believe there is a place within the human soul that ‘sees’ beauty, regardless of the passage of time nor the impact of neglect. With accordant captions, I have created this photo montage as an homage to forgotten ‘beauty’ and other of life’s other precious things.

tiny black scroll

words / image montage © 2017 Nena Black


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