haiku : watching snails

tucked away
tucked away — Nena Black

Surreptitious snail

tucked away in solace

heavy noonday sun

tiny black scroll

words / image © 2016 Nena Black



moments of chaos & art

Poetry is all around us.
Even moments of chaos can turn quickly to artistic inspiration.
Life is a collage of passion, pain, and perseverance.

tiny black scroll

words / image © 2016 Nena Black

Unfinished : A lost love letter

tiny-black-scroll inverted

Unfinished letters…torn up, discarded. Cities you’ve visited…long forgotten places. The women you’ve loved but love no more. Rooms you’ve peered into through dusty, sun-glared windows but never set foot in. The lingering of inchoate remnants. Moments long since passed that were never quite there to begin with.

For us such things remain an enigma. The words we exchanged were powerful, yet heard by no one. We kept these words like confetti snow—encapsulated—within a dome of glass. Each taking a turn… Shaking, watching, shaking, watching, waiting, hoping… That if the dome fell it would not break but maintain its precious integrity. 

I took a Faustian chance. Not yet sure where it lead me.

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