New Purpose

twig & feather
twig / feather / stream — Nena Black


Walking along a woodland path,
she chanced upon a gentle stream;
she stopped for a moment of quiet reflection,
when an intriguing scene caught her eye:
a birch twig and crow’s feather…
laying together at the water’s edge,
each released from its former purpose,
perhaps once feeling discarded,
now resting together
in an infinity of stillness,
with new purpose
to discover
and become;
it made her consider
her own.

tiny black scroll


words / image © 2015 Nena Black



at the edge — Nena Black

at the edge
there are no roads
to redemption
only a vast sea
of reckoning
with the horizon line
take your heart
in your hand
leave your skin
in the sand
anchor your soul
to the sun


tiny black scroll


words / image © 2015 Nena Black

dream on the edge

dream — Nena Black

you are just a dream to me
the edge of my reality
a breath that fails beyond a gasp
a notion that exceeds my grasp
as i make my way
through life’s shades of gray
your colors burn through me like fire
but time’s intention
spites my heart’s desire

though this world we share
illusions dare
prolong our destiny
though fruition tries
to attain its prize
what’s meant to be
is meant to be

so, here i wait
both lost and found
my heart, its state,
both free and bound
your eloquent sufficiency
would distill my excessive urgency
and yet, it is this very urge
through which our lives
might thus converge Continue reading “dream on the edge”

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