love song for a dream

sunset on the pacific
pacific dreams — Nena Black

i close my eyes
and cannot help
but see you there
thoughts of you
reach deep into the
shadows of my mind
like soothing fingers
they massage away
the maladies

the colors of your smile
paint the landscape
of my dreams
your eyes, like liquid
tickle me
liberate me from
pain through bursts
of precious laughter

we play together
becoming children
pillow fights that
reincarnate feathers
into doves
that fly to heaven’s
gates Continue reading “love song for a dream”


Thoughts on being ‘Human’ …

smeared heart

I am at a loss these days. My mind and heart are heavy over current events that reek of social injustice. I can’t find proper words to comment on nor participate in discussions about any of it. One thing I see — sanity is not contagious. What I can say is that I am a person of love, and I respect all life. When I meet someone, from my vantage, I am meeting a fellow human being. That’s it. That’s my lens. Continue reading “Thoughts on being ‘Human’ …”


It's in the Details — Nena Black
it’s in the details — Nena Black

we look
but don’t

life’s little

nostalgia, in the moment

“It’s in the details,” she said.

tiny black scroll

words / image © 2014 Nena Black

haiku : autumn song

autumn’s melody

waning beneath fallen leaves

winter’s silence soon.

tiny black scroll

words © 2014 Nena Black

Haiku : Shadows

shadows — Nena Black

walking, thinking
observing nighttime shadows
darkness teasing light

tiny black scroll

words / photo © 2014 Nena Black

A Pair of Crows

a pair of perched crows — Nena Black


a pair of crows
sit tightly perched up in a tree
an old (quite dead) Madrona tree
its barren trunk and branches
lost their copper splendor long ago
neglected by the hands of time perhaps
a pallid figure now, of hollow recompense

One crow says to the other,

“Say, this tree is an ugly thing…
Why are we perching here today?”

The other crow replies,

“This tree may be an ugly thing,
but I’ve chosen it for the vantage.
Take a gander across the field…
See those scrumptious morsels?”

[‘scrumptious morsels’ referring to a
large sack of caterpillars positioned
atop a statuesque birch tree]

“Ah, yes,” the first crow replies.
“Imagine all those butterflies…”


tiny black scroll


words / image © 2014 Nena Black

Poem for Melissa Fry Beasley*

golden sun

remember when you were a child
afraid of the darkness
you hid yourself, pretending to be invisible
peeking glimpses of an entire world just waiting
until the dawn
when all the ghosts
disappeared in the light
but you took the sun for granted
she reached for you
with innocuous intentions
she held you tightly
with open arms
for you to come
for you to go
as it pleased you
she only wanted to please you
she only wanted to love you
to smile stars into the heavens for you
she accepted you Continue reading “Poem for Melissa Fry Beasley*”

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