nature’s majesty

nature’s majesty — Nena Black


there was a majesty about him
he walked with the stature of palm trees
his beauty touched the sky


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words / image © 2017 Nena Black


like tender petals…

shadows, petals, morning dew — Nena Black

he loved her slowly
like tender petals caressed by morning shadows
kissed by morning dew


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words / image © 2017 Nena Black

Snaring the Moon

moon through tree branches — Nena Black


sometimes i watch the sky
and see you there
your eyes that held a universe all their own
your countenance, exquisite as the clouds
if only you were the sun
to wake and taste your warmth upon my skin
or the stars
to gaze each night into your luminous soul
or the moon
to snare you in the branches of a tree
and hold you there


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words / image © 2017 Nena Black


emerging — Nena Black

Emergence—the state of becoming. Millions of years of evolution behind us, yet humans are still so very young. Few things illustrate this more than the state of global social conditions. Human consciousness is like this tender bud. I hope one day that consciousness will emerge fully, expanding beyond anything we can envision now. I imagine the infinite beauty and potential of such an evolution. It gives me hope.


words / image © 2017 Nena Black


redemption — Nena Black

Nature…she is our redemption.

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words / image © 2017 Nena Black


surreal sunset, coral sky — Nena Black

i used to be that woman

the one born of thunderstorms

in skies of steel and gray 

the one who painted her moods 

with autumn hues

then made snow cream from 

winter’s first dusting 

the one who would have danced with you


in a castle made of rain 

would it surprise you to know that now 

the never ending sun feels like  Continue reading “Free”

Hidden place…

hidden places
hidden place — Nena Black

come to me… in our hidden place

i won’t tell a soul

i’ll pick fresh fruit for us to eat

and pour you perfumed wine

i’ll stroke your hair

and kiss your skin

as you fold into my beating heart

you will tell me stories of the sages

who live inside your abstract mind

and i will remind you what passion

feels like through the eyes

of sacred love

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words / image © 2017 Nena Black


‘camouflage’ (clearwing moth) — Nena Black

I discovered this beautiful clearwing moth in a bed of old peat moss and dried leaves, quite effectively camouflaged from nearby predators — two persistent sparrows that fluttered about for several minutes until losing sight of their potential afternoon meal. I was thrilled at the opportunity to photograph such a lovely creature. Even though I was a potential threat, it laid perfectly still all the while, probably far more afraid of the birds that might still be looming than of me. My experience with this moth made me ponder the notion of camouflage… Sometimes blending in and laying low to observe and assess one’s surroundings serves as a good strategy. There is power in such vantage and stillness.

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words / image © 2017 Nena Black


complexity (echeveria, as ‘lotus’) — Nena Black

The enchanting shape of the mystical lotus, captured here in a luscious echeveria succulent. Upon seeing this plant, entrenched in dark wood chips, my thought was to photograph it as a depiction of the beautiful lotus flower, characteristically known for its growth out of mud. In Buddhism, the lotus represents purity of the mind, body, and spirit; it is illustrated artistically with eight petals to signify the Eightfold Path to enlightenment. Widely recognized as a symbol for renewal, overcoming challenges, and letting go of the past, I also believe it analogous to dichotomy—the elegance and delicacy of its petals, juxtaposed with the muddiness and murkiness of its native environment. The simplicity of its form against its complex root system underneath.

In this piece, I’ve highlighted the seemingly endless, unfolding layers of this stunning succulent, both as a metaphor for the multilayered nature of existence, and as a visual mantra for embracing complexity.

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words / image © 2017 Nena Black

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